Speaking and Training on Communicating Your Value by “Bragging” The Right Way

All of us have experienced painful disappointments, setbacks and failures. Dr. Winifred Bragg frequently teaches strategies to help you Turn Pain to Power® using the Bragg Factor®, her unique system that provides a blueprint to empower you to reach your maximum potential in your personal and professional life.


Leaders looking to enhance the personal development of their team members, staff, or students can schedule Dr. Bragg for speaking engagements.

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The Dreams Without Goals are Nightmares 90-Day Journal is Now Available!

This Journal is a supplement to the core book Dreams Without Goals are Nightmares, and it will encourage you to set GOOD GOALS and to start living the BEST years of your life.

Take the first step to reaching your goals by getting a copy of this journal in your hands and start using it. Now, let’s get to journaling and reaching every one of your goals!

Meet Dr. Winifred Bragg

Dr. Bragg is a 5x best-selling author and motivational speaker providing leadership training and executive coaching for business owners, entrepreneurs, women and students.

Winifred has been referred to as a “true gem.” Her unique magnetism coupled with her deep, soulful messages; her dynamic presence and her ability to transform those who have the privilege of experiencing one of her keynotes, breakouts or programs make for an unforgettable event.

Although Dr. Bragg’s keynotes, breakouts and programs are particularly geared to address the topics of success and leadership mastery for corporate leaders, business owners, women’s groups, managers and university students, Dr. Bragg has the unique ability to adjust any of her existing keynotes, breakouts or programs to suit the needs of any event.

“TheBraggFactor® program is loaded with great lessons on how to succeed in your life. It will give you a set of skills that can change your mindset!”

Brian Tracy

Author and Consultant

Dr. Bragg brought so much value into one room, captivating the audience with her no-nonsense approach to questioning who you are, who you want to be, and believing in yourself.

Cosette Lambourne Woods

CEO Keller Williams Coastal Virginia

“Dr. Bragg’s seminar allowed me to see personal areas in where I was deficient. After the seminar, I have a new found confidence in tackling daily tasks and making my hours within a day count.”

Jaidan Williams


Best-Selling Author

Dr. Winifred Bragg is the best-selling author of the TheBraggFactor® book series which contains three best-sellers that focus on helping driven individuals to reach their goals. Dreams Without Goals are Nightmares: How to Use TheBraggFactor® to Reach Your Goals in Record Time walks professionals and entrepreneurs how to achieve their full potential and turn dreams into reality. How To Create Your Bragg Book For a Competitive Job Market—For Professionals and How To Create Your Bragg Book For a Competitive Job Market—For Students covers fundamentals of how to stand out in a competitive market while learning how to professionally self-promote skills and accomplishments.

Achieve Your Bragg Worthy Goals!!!

Why TheBraggFactor?®

TheBraggFactor® is a unique and special way to recognize your self-worth, promote your value to others, and achieve your greatest potential. She frequently speaks on business success, leadership, motivation, entrepreneurship and mastering self-promotion.

Dr. Bragg is part of the equation and brings a truly exceptional experience to your organization, your group, for your students, and to you personally. Her proven methods gets you to your value and your own personal Bragg Factor quickly and with pride.

You will have access to workshops, speaking engagements, personal consultations, Dr. Bragg’s self help workbook for students, and many other tools that make the Bragg Factor a successful strategy for you!