Loaded with great lessons

“TheBraggFactor® program is loaded with great lessons on how to succeed in your life. It will give you a set of skills that can change your mindset!”

Brian Tracy, Author and Consultant

Easy-to-Follow Strategies

“Dr. Bragg’s program on how to achieve your goals is packed with easy-to-follow strategies that help you stay committed. She has the gift of connecting to the audience while delivering a powerful and inspirational message.”

Marsha Hudgins, CEO, Hudgins Contracting Corp

Intelligent and Insightful Podcast Guest

“Dr. Bragg was an intelligent and insightful guest on our show. She offered our audience practical information packaged in an optimistic delivery style. I enjoyed our talk. She’s a guest I am happy to Bragg about.”

Robert Cappuccio, behavior change coach, transformational selling technique coach, author, and speaker

Enlighting, delightful and full of energy!

As the host of The 10 Minute Entrepreneur podcast I’ve had the privilege of interviewing hundreds of guests and I found Dr. Bragg to be enlightening, delightful and full of energy. I would recommend her as a guest on any podcast looking for someone in her area of expertise.

Sean Castrina, Best Selling Author and Serial Entrepreneur

Dr. Bragg Speaks to Business Leaders

“In honor of Women’s History Month, SunTrust Bank in Norfolk hosted local female business leaders from across Hampton Roads to hear Dr. Bragg, a motivational speaker whose self-empowerment speech “TURN PAIN TO POWER” resonated well with the audience.”

Charity A. Volman, President/South Hampton Roads SunTrust Bank

Workshop On How to Create a 30 Second Bragg

“Now I can bragg that I went to a talk by Dr. Bragg who is engaging, motivational and really helpful for giving you pointers for being successful in achieving any goal you set yourself to achieve!”

Jemelyn Grace Baldisimo/Doctoral Candidate

Workshop on How to use THE Bragg Factor To Achieve Your Goals

“During a workshop with Dr. Bragg at my college, I made a remark that I had “only” been working in my job for a short time. Dr. Bragg explained to me to not limit myself by the word “only”, but rather to see the value in everything I had done. Dr. Bragg taught me that I could develop marketable skills from a hobby.  I now own my company.“

Danielle Freeman, Business Owner

I loved having Dr. Bragg as a guest on The Contagious Confidence Podcast

She was so lovely to talk to and is such an incredible storyteller. I loved that she gave so many tangible tips for how my listeners can shift their mindsets when it comes to bragging about themselves and how to create an elevator pitch that can be adapted for any situation. Do yourself a favor and invite Dr. Bragg as a guest on your podcast or speaker at your event. You’ll be so glad you did!”

Katie Hawkes, Host of The Contagious Confidence Podcast

Workshop on Strategies for Professional Success

“Dr. Winifred Bragg is an engaging speaker whose words inspire, motivate, and uplift. She shares wisdom that empowers us to move beyond challenges to be our best for ourselves and those around us so that we can all live better lives.”

Mona J.E. Danner, Ph.D. Professor and ChairDepartment of Sociology and Criminal Justice/Old Dominion University

In the Bragg Factor, Dr. Bragg touches on every part of your being

“I had the honor and privilege of hearing Dr. Winifred Bragg speak at a conference for women in business. Dr. Bragg brought so much value into one room, captivating the audience with her no-nonsense approach to questioning who you are, who you want to be, and believing in yourself.

Dr. Bragg helped us create our own ‘Bragg Factor’. I especially liked her ‘4 P’s’. I will be teaching this to my agents! ‘People, Passions, Pain, and Purpose’ are the 4 P’s that lead to deep connection and rapport between individuals”

Cosette Lambourne Woods, CEO/Team Leader, Keller Williams Coastal Virginia

Dr Bragg Speaks at Old Dominion University

“Old Dominion University students had the benefit of attending the Bragg Factor.  Winifred and the Bragg Factor brought energy and prompted ODU students to take action. Her ability to connect with students of diverse backgrounds and experiences in a virtual or live environment is remarkable.  Her interactive session encouraged students to participate and ask for more.”

Dionicia Mahler-Rogers, Ph.D.
 Associate Director
Leadership Student Involvement
, Old Dominion University

Power Square Strategy For Developing Business Relationships

“Being in business, you have to build relationships. Dr. Bragg’s session brought together many practical and intentional steps in doing so. Between the Relationship Power Square, 8 Conversation Starters and the 30 Second Bragg there is something for the extrovert and the introvert to connect on a more genuine level. Dr. Bragg’s Power Square Follow-Up Strategy provides clear intentionality to see professional relationships grow.”

Priscilla Monti
, Senior Vice President,
 Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce

Workshop On How to Create a 30 Second Bragg

“Dr. Bragg’s seminar allowed me to see personal areas in where I was deficient. After the seminar, I have a new found confidence in tackling daily tasks and making my hours within a day count.”

Jaidan Williams

High Energy, High Impact and Highly Effective!

“Dr. Bragg is absolutely amazing!!! The Bragg Factor presentation that she shared with our congregation was High Energy, High Impact and Highly Effective!”

Travoris ‘TC’ Carnes, Stewardship & Finance Leader, Gethsemane Community Fellowship Baptist Church – Norfolk, Virginia

What a Tremendous Amount of Humor and Knowledge Dr. Bragg Brings to Her Presentation!

Sam Martin, Virginia Beach Howard Hanna Broker

Dr. Bragg Speaks to Women Entrepreneurs at the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce

“Her Power Square resonates with me and learning how to use these concepts to develop relationships.”

Jackie Ferree, Associate Dean of Finance and Administration, Raymond A. Mason School of Business

Dr Bragg Speaks at Leadership Academy

“A great experience for all of us! Great message and very actionable.”

Dr. Jeff Tanner, Dean, Strome College of Business, Old Dominion University

So motivational, so inspiring

“Many things I can take back to my workplace and use.”

Elder Valerie Brown of Mount Lebanon Baptist Church

Dr. Bragg featured on The Unnoticed Entrepreneur Podcast

Jim James, Champion of the UnNoticed; Entrepreneur, Author, Podcaster and Consultant.

Dr Bragg’s Message Hit Home

Dr. Bragg captivated a packed lecture hall and inspired them immensely while delivering her speech, “Turning Missed Opportunities into Success. It’s always so valuable to have a successful person such as Dr. Bragg to speak with such conviction about the inner resources we can all tap into for overcoming challenges. Bravo! Dr. Bragg had 21 minutes of questions afterwards, a sure sign that her message hit home.”

Former Director of College Relations, The University of Alabama

Turning Missed Opportunities into Success at The University of Alabama

 had the pleasure of attending Dr. Bragg’s presentation, “Turning Missed Opportunities into Success” at the University of Alabama. The auditorium was filled to capacity with students and were attentive to Dr. Bragg’s powerful, energetic and dynamic speech. I would strongly recommend her as a motivational and professional speaker.

Jimmy Williams, Associate Professor, Department of Criminal Justice The University of Alabama