Public Speaking

Liven up your event with a keynote speech or presentation! Book Dr. Bragg for a keynote speech or presentation to bring your event to life through motivational strategies.


Ignite your audience with leadership and personal development topics. Dr. Bragg is able to provide leadership and personal development workshops for a wide range of audiences.


Training sessions include reinforcing your audience’s learning with step-by-step action plans on topics such as leadership and personal development.


Need a written piece centered around leadership or personal development? Impress your readership with a professionally written piece.


Accelerate your goal attainment with one-on-one mentoring. Schedule Dr. Bragg for one-on-one coaching to get you on the fast-track towards reaching your goals.


Elevate your personal business acumen with invaluable entrepreneurial insights and career solutions. Dr. Bragg’s entrepreneurial experience provides her clients with invaluable insights and business solutions.

Personal and Career Coaching through Purpose-Driven Action Plans

  • Achieve your desired results at a faster rate
  • Use proven progress methods that will give you results
  • Uncover unique solutions for your unique challenges
  • Feel energized and encouraged about your personal journey

Dr. Bragg’s personal career coaching utilizes the same proven methods she utilized to achieve her business and personal goals throughout the course of her life. Now she helps others do the same. Contact Dr. Bragg to learn more about her coaching services.


Case Study – 2018 Miss America Pageant Third Runner-Up

Dr. Bragg will help you determine your own value and help you learn how to Bragg about yourself in a way that helps you achieve your goals. From personal consultations to reading her book, you will be given valuable tips on how to  Discover Your Bragg Factor!! 

In 2018, Dr. Bragg helped Miss America Third Runner-Up Brian Kinsey to develop her personal story and to show the world her Bragg Factor.