You know, we’re living in difficult times, and when you hear the news, read the paper, read a magazine, we hear nothing but painful, awful things. And so it makes us feel gloomy. It makes us feel like there is no good. And as a result, I want to encourage you to create what I call a celebration log. This is a log to track your wins, your accomplishments, the successes that you’ve had in life. This should be done on an ongoing, daily basis. You can keep this celebration log in your notebook, on your computer, on your phone. But it is important to do it daily so that you can add to it.  My hope is that by keeping a celebration log, that we can log into our long-term memories that we are good, that there are good things about us, that despite all the bad things that happen in the world, that each day we accomplish something, that each day that there are good things that we are doing. And this simple exercise is powerful in helping you to build and achieve your maximum self-confidence. So I want you to get started today. Start your celebration log, and put down five things that you have that you’ve accomplished, where you won something, where you achieved something. And when I say won, I don’t mean an award, I mean something where you  achieved or you accomplished something. And I want you to do this and start doing this daily so that we can change our mindset from focusing on the pains in the world to focus on the victories in the world. Now in the comment section below, I want you to write down one celebration that you can share with us. Please, write down one celebration that you can share with us, and make a commitment to do your celebration log daily so that your reticular activating system, the network in your brain, will help you to see your wins rather than the things that you did not achieve, and you will develop a stronger self-confidence.