Tuesday Tip Feb. 14, Self-Talk for Self-Love

Hi, this is Dr. Bragg from TheBraggFactor.com with a tip for a Terrific Tuesday.  Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and I hope you enjoyed it. But today, I want you to focus on self-love because it is self-love that keeps us motivated.  And you can’t love anyone else fully until you learn to love yourself. So today, I want you to look in the mirror in your bathroom, in your car, or in your bedroom and tell yourself, “I am valuable. I am talented. I am worthy to be loved.” Say these things to yourself and start today giving yourself some good self-talk to increase your self-love. Be sure to download my toolkit so you can start working on your goals today. I’ll be back next Tuesday with another tip for a Terrific Tuesday.

To your success,

Dr. Bragg