Tuesday Tip Dec 14 – Start Your Day with this Tip for Daily Success

Hi, this is Dr. Bragg from TheBraggFactor.com. It is important to be successful to wake up in the morning with confidence. When I get up in the morning one of the first things I do is look in the mirror and think about my goals for that day.  I close my eyes and visualize accomplishing those goals and focus on that, and get very clear on what my goals are for that day.  And I do this when I’m not having any distractions and just focusing on what I want to accomplish. I ask you for your Tuesday Tip today, to just focus on your goals and start your day with confidence. Take 30 – 60 seconds in the morning to close your eyes and focus on your goals for the day. I’m Dr. Bragg, from TheBraggFactor.com