Tuesday Tip Feb. 8 – What Story Are You Telling Yourself?

This is Dr. Bragg from TheBraggFactor.com with a tip for a Terrific Tuesday.  Sometimes, we create a story about ourselves where we say to ourselves, “We’re not good enough”, “We’re not smart enough”,  or”We don’t deserve to have that”. So have you ever thought about you may not be achieving your goals because of the story you’ve created about yourself. Isn’t time that you changed the story and start telling yourself what you deserve?  That you’re good enough. Wouldn’t that make for a Terrific Tuesday? Now go to my website, TheBraggFactor.com and download my toolkit to help you achieve your goals and let’s have a Terrific Tuesday today. I’ll see you next week, for another Tip for a Terrific Tuesday. 

To your success,

Dr Bragg